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Project Gallery

Hamilton Project Bayfront Park Hamilton

Hamilton's newest landmark is a 12 storey galvanized steel sculpture of a ship's mast, complete with furled sails and a crow's nest. The massive metallic mast straddles the entrance of Bayfront Park found on Bay Street North.

The structure was built by Scarborough based Ewing Fabricators, and took almost a year to design and manufacture. As part of the design process, engineers had to perform an earthquake analysis of the site to make sure the structure could handle such an impact.

Ewing also built the two smaller mast sculptures marking the Waterfront Trail, which were installed during recent summers. One is located to the right of the new structure, the other closer to the water.

Hamilton Project    Hamilton Project

It's incredible. I like it said Bill Hutch, owner of Hutch's restaurant, which sits in the shadows of the mast.

Hutch watched the three-day assembly of the structure with interest.

It is said the mast can be seen from as far away as Clappison's Corners, and from the Skyway Bridge.

Copy from Jeff Beer
Special to
The Hamilton Spectator

Lester B. Pearson Building Ottawa

Lester B. Pearson Building Ottawa The challenge presented, was to design and construct a flagpole to be situated atop the Lester B. Pearson Building home of the Canadian Department of External Affairs.

The problem faced, is that access to the pole, for purpose of raising, lowering or changing the flag may not be done from the rooftop. Without guardrails, the rooftop could be extremely hazardous in winter or during periods of inclement weather.

The solution arrived at, was to design a flagpole whose bottom end rests in a top floor utility room, through a grated entryway in the roof, and is secured by brackets to the walls of this room. A custom-designed halyard system consisting of an opening in the pole, just below mid point and a patented pulley and brake system allows the flag to be lowered and tucked into the pole through that opening and may then be changed through an access door at the base.

This project was completed on time and the flagpole was raised to the roof by helicopter amid much fanfare.

Lester B. Pearson Building Ottawa Lester B. Pearson Building Ottawa

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