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Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze Alloy Flagpoles Being maintenance free and possessing high strength, low weight and low cost, aluminum is by far the most popular choice of pole purchasers. Our poles are fabricated from 6063-T6 alloy seamless extruded tubing and are available in a number of finishes. Aluminum will last longer than other materials used and is weather resistant.

Stainless Steel
This material is also maintenance free and produces the highest strength poles available. These poles are fabricated from type 304 alloy and are tapered in accordance with NAAMM specifications. Stainless steel is available in AISI #4 (satin brush) through AISI #8 (mirror) finishes.

Bronze Alloy
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze Alloy Flagpoles This material is recommended for the more outstanding and elegant architectural projects. Bronze poles are fabricated from CDA alloy 230 red brass and are tapered in accordance with NAAMM specifications. Bronze alloy is available in satin brush, satin brush with lacquer, and (oxidized) statuary antique finishes.

Carbon Steel
Due to the current trend towards large flags on tall poles, steel is once again resurfacing as a popular selection for a pole material. Carbon steel offers the highest strength possible in a pole, with an initial low cost. Also tapered in accordance with NAAMM specifications, these poles are available in galvanized and new paint finishes that have significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Fiberglass Flagpole With an extremely hard gloss finish, these poles are soil and scratch resistant. Our fiberglass poles are fabricated with a custom designed fiberglass woven roving and polyester resin that allows for more than 75% of the glass fibers to be unidirectional which maximizes rigidity and axial strength.

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