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Finishes Anodizing is a process of electrolysis that gives the material a protective coating. The colour can be specified to be clear, bronze, light bronze or black. This process is limited to aluminum poles only.

Galvanizing is a zinc hot dip coating used on steel, yielding a silver-like finish that effectively eliminates corrosion. This process will significantly lower the maintenance cost associated with steel poles.

Satin Brush “Sateen”
This “textured” finish is accomplished through abrasive brushing yielding a smooth, uniform mechanical appearance. Aluminum, stainless steel and bronze poles are all available in this finish.

Organic Coating
These finishes are most commonly applied to aluminum and steel poles. This group of finishes range from simple paint to various air dried epoxies, urethanes, thermally cured fluorocarbons and powder coatings, which is a thermally cured painted application available in many colours.

Statuary Antique
This finish, used with bronze poles only, is achieved by chemically oxidizing the pole. Unlike a coating, this process becomes part of the original material yielding a high resistance to deterioration. Finally, a clear lacquer is applied, sealing the antique finish.

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