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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How tall should our flagpole be?
A. The size of the building and surrounding grounds are important factors in deciding the correct sized flagpole. Generally, for most residential settings, flagpoles, 20' to 25' in height are proper for one to two story family dwellings. Corporate offices will select flagpoles 30' to 60' in height depending on the "Corporate Statement" that is wished to be made.
Q. How many flagpoles do we need?
A. Most residences will have only one flagpole. Many corporate and commercial establishments will have a number of flagpoles depending as to how dramatic an effect they are trying to achieve. Flagpoles lining the driveway or entranceway to a corporate headquarters building can be very impressive.
Q. What size flag should we fly?
A. Generally speaking, the length of your flag should be 25% to 33% of the height of the flagpole. Consideration must be given to the wind resistance factors to ensure that the flagpole can safely support the desired flag at the wind speed rated for your locale.
Q. How much maintenance do flagpoles need?
A. As with any other equipment, flagpoles must be properly cared for if they are to last for a period of years. Little or no maintenance is necessary for aluminum poles. However, should a build-up of dirt and soil occur, washing the surface with a mild detergent is recommended.

Steel poles, other than stainless, will usually require resurfacing in 2 to 6 years depending on the type of finish used and the area in which the pole is located. Stainless steel requires little or no maintenance to maintain its appearance.

Bronze poles may require some resurfacing depending on the overall effect desired. With time, bronze poles will darken.

Halyards and external fittings should be checked every three months for sign of wear and tear. If looked after when wear becomes apparent, the cost of replacements can be minimized.

Q. Can we buy a replacement flag from you?
A. Yes. We carry a wide assortment of flags. Please contact us if you want to purchase a flag from us.

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